Welcome TBRU to Dallas!

Welcome Texas Bear Round-Up to Dallas, Texas

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TBRU Bear Dance - 2011


About pHOTographer - daMoN FraZieR - via international exotic male blog

Here's an article from an international blogger for exotic male dancers and "hot" photographers.  I was excited to be featured in one of their blogs.  Here is the content from Males in Motion (caution: the regular blog is for 18+ and contains nudity)

Screen Shot from Males in Motion Blog
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Original Article can be found here.
Thanks Mike and the team at Males in Motion!


Creativity Unleashed ~ Damon Frazier ~ Dallas

   The photographer Damon Frazier first came to our attention in October 2010 when we featured a Dallas area exotic male dancer named Tim in a blog. Damon was kind enough to provide some of the photos for the feature. Since that time we have continued to follow his work with great pleasure! Damon has a knack for capturing peak moments with his camera. We are featuring some of those moments in this blog. Since this is a blog for and about exotic male dancers, the photos depicted here reflect that subject matter. However, we want to make it clear that Damon's talents go far beyond male dancers. Check out his website or facebook page and you'll see what we mean!

   With Damon's photos you not only get hot male dancers wearing little clothing, you make a visual connection with the person that is the dancer. Whether discovered in a shot with great attitude, feats of physical prowess, displays of sexual attraction or posturing, or sometimes various expressions on the pretty-boy face, Damon shows us more than skin. He shows us the other characteristics of exotic male dancers that have reeled us in and made us lifetime fans. Enjoy the gallery below of his work! And stop by his facebook page to say hello. Click on any of the pics to visit his website.

   Ok, so I have to add this. Not only does Damon take great pics of sexy men, he's a sexy man himself! Thanks for sharing your work with us Damon!

   Damon says of his work "I like to take dancers away from the bars/poles sometimes and capture them with some controlled lighting. I love to try to shoot something different than everyone else is. My goal is to shoot "studio style at the club"! That means I want to use fog, colored lights, lasers and even the dance pole, and make the dancer look focused and sharp with the "natural" club type setting - such as with my quick trial attempts with pornstar Jake Austin (twitter @JakeAustinXXX ) while at BJs NXS during Razzle Dazzle Dallas".(Jake Austin pic below)

   Until next time, capture your own peak moments and share them with us. And don't forget to tip the boyz!!! They work hard for their money.


  1. JoelJun 15, 2011 10:36 AM

    I hope that pic #5 was not taken in Dallas though, as the TABC will be wanting to show up for his shows to serve in their roll as strapless fashion police. :-(

  2. Damon FrazierJun 19, 2011 02:13 AM
    Thanks Mike for posting your blog about me! I just started, or trying to start a blog.

    Been getting a lot of local exposure with the Oil Wrestling at BJs NXS that recently occurred during our Razzle Dazzle Dallas June 1-5. Full page ads, Photos of the Day, Facebook banning, etc!
  3. daMoN 75219Sep 4, 2011 07:51 PM
    Looking forward to your visit to Dallas soon Mike!


Razzle Dazzle Dallas

Razzle Dazzle Dallas
Some of the "hard" photos I had to endure and capture June 1-5, 2011.  It's a hard job, but someone had to do it!  daMoN

Various Photos I shot (not specifically for my client, a Platinum Razzle Dazzle Sponsor - UnderGear).
Deborah Cox, Jake Austin, BJs NXS dancers, Ivana Tramp, Station 4 VIP, etc.Enjoy! :)